Ethos x Inco: $4.7b to supercharge programmable confidentiality

Apr 5, 2024

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Inco, the universal decentralized confidential computing (DeCC) layer of Web3 built utilizing fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). This collaboration will provide Inco access to over $4.7 billion of pooled security from restaked ETH, allowing the network to bootstrap its trust layer easily. Ethos will also facilitate secure native bridging from Ethereum to Inco, allowing existing EVM applications to leverage the confidential compute services Inco offers seamlessly.

Inco: The Modular Confidential Computing Network

Inco is the first modular confidentiality computing L1 blockchain that utilizes FHE to enable composable and operable confidential states and extends confidentiality-as-a-service to Ethereum and other public blockchains. Inco's fhEVM (FHE + EVM) is compatible with Ethereum toolsets and Solidity, enabling developers to easily write confidential smart contracts within 20 minutes and perform computations on encrypted data without requiring decryption. This innovation unlocks a wide range of net new fully on-chain decentralized application use cases with confidential components, such as tokenized digital assets, card games, money markets, decentralized identity (DID), private DAO governance & voting, and dark pools, paving the way for a new era of possibilities in the Web3 ecosystem.

Ethos: Security Coordination for Sovereign L1s

Ethos serves as a security coordination layer that enables L1 developers to bootstrap a validator network easily by leveraging the economic security of restaked ETH. By utilizing Ethos, protocols can lower their security costs by over 90%, as restakers already earn yield from native Ethereum staking. Ethos simplifies the complexity of deploying a new L1 by providing an all-in-one security module that chains can seamlessly integrate into their trust layer.

Ethos x Inco: Scaling Modular Confidential Computing with Ethereum’s Security

The partnership between Ethos and Inco brings together the best of both worlds: Inco's cutting-edge FHE technology and Ethereum’s robust security, unlocking the massive potential of modular decentralized confidential computing (DeCC).

Key Highlights:

  • Ease of bootstrapping security for Inco: Through Ethos, Inco can tap into the pooled security of over $4.7 billion of restaked ETH. Ethos handles the complexities of coordinating operators and security from Ethereum, providing a security module that Inco can effortlessly integrate into its network to bootstrap the trust layer.
  • Partial Set Security for Accelerated Computing: From the set of Ethos operators that opt into co-validating Inco, a partial set will be required to fulfill special hardware requirements, such as powerful CPUs and FPGAs. This enables Inco to perform high-compute FHE tasks at high speeds while maintaining the decentralization and security of its validator set.
  • Native Bridging from Ethereum to Inco: Ethos operators can securely relay messages from Ethereum to Inco, providing a crypto economically secured native bridge that allows existing dApps on Ethereum to access the confidentiality and randomness properties of Inco.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the advancement of programmable confidentiality in the web3 ecosystem, setting new standards for security-first blockchain apps.

We invite developers, stakers, and validators to explore the opportunities presented by the Ethos ecosystem. Visit our technical documentation or contact us here to start a conversation. We look forward to working with you!