Ethos x Mitosis: Scaling cross-chain liquidity with Ethereum’s security

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Ethos and Mitosis, a scalable cross-chain liquidity protocol designed for the modular ecosystem. This partnership will enable Mitosis to seamlessly integrate Ethereum's unparalleled cryptoeconomic security into its cross-chain liquidity protocol, ensuring robust and scalable transfers across diverse blockchain networks.

Mitosis: Cross-chain liquidity for the modular ecosystem

The DeFi landscape is rapidly evolving from its Ethereum L1 origins to embrace L2 solutions, monolithic ecosystems, and emerging modular blockchains. This transition amplifies the need for secure cross-chain asset transfers and composability.

Mitosis provides a scalable cross-chain liquidity protocol designed to break down silos and enable permissionless, capital-efficient interoperability. Developers integrated into Mitosis can utilize various networks as if they were part of a single, unified ecosystem.

Mitosis enhances liquidity utilization by issuing derivative tokens for the locked assets, enabling participation in diverse DeFi applications for extra yield beyond fee sharing. These derivative tokens can also be used within Mitosis’s native DeFi ecosystem, enabling instant finality for transactions involving tokens from different networks.

Ethos: Extending Ethereum's security

Ethos is a security coordination layer that enables L1 developers to easily bootstrap a validator network, leveraging the economic security of restaked ETH. Since the restakers already earn yield from native Ethereum staking, protocols can lower their security costs by over 90%. Ethos eradicates the complexity of deploying a new L1 by providing an all-in-one security module that chains can seamlessly integrate into their trust layer.

Ethos x Mitosis: Enhancing interoperability with Ethereum’s security

Through this partnership, Mitosis will integrate Ethos’s security module into its native chain, fortifying the protocol against adversarial attacks. In the future, Ethos will also explore securing the ISM (Interchain Security Module) contract to enable Mitosis to leverage Ethereum’s security for its cross-chain bridging operations.

By bringing together Ethos's security coordination and Mitosis's innovative liquidity solutions, this partnership aims to eliminate barriers between different networks and foster a more cohesive and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

We look forward to exploring the myriad possibilities this collaboration unlocks for developers, users, and the broader blockchain community. Visit our technical documentation or contact us here to learn more.