Ethos x Puffer: Elevating Blockchain Security with natively restaked ETH

Mar 26, 2024

We’re proud to announce a strategic partnership with Puffer Finance, the first native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP) built on EigenLayer. This partnership will allow blockchains leveraging Ethos to access over $1 billion in pooled security from Puffer’s natively restaked ETH, while yielding additional rewards for Puffer node operators.

Why Puffer Finance?

Puffer allows anyone to permissionlessly run an Ethereum POS validator with just 1 ETH of collateral, while boosting security and profitability through innovations like the Secure-Signer, an anti-slasher tool, and validator tickets, a solution that makes permissionless Liquid Staking Protocols more efficient, resilient, and profitable. Node operators on Puffer enjoy reduced risk and increased capital efficiency, while supercharging their rewards through EigenLayer restaking exposure.

Ethos’s Role:

Ethos serves as a security coordination layer that enables blockchains to easily bootstrap a validator network, leveraging the economic security of restaked ETH. Since the restakers already earn yield from native Ethereum staking, protocols can lower their security costs by over 90%. Ethos eradicates the complexity of deploying a new L1 by providing an all-in-one security module that chains can seamlessly integrate into their trust layer.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Pooled security for L1 chains: The partnership will allow Ethos to fetch the security of $1 billion of Puffer’s natively restaked ETH and make it available to L1 chains. Puffer will also provide operational support to ensure smooth operations and efficiency.
  • Extra Yield Opportunities for Puffer Operators: The collaboration expands yield opportunities for Puffer node operators by integrating them into blockchains beyond the Ethereum ecosystem.  
  • Joint Technical Advancements: The teams will jointly research and develop cutting-edge security primitives. This includes attributable slashing mechanics and anti-slashing safeguards to node operator validator security.

This partnership represents a significant milestone in our mission to extend Ethereum's security to other blockchain networks. By combining Ethos's seamless security coordination with Puffer’s restaking innovation, it unlocks new possibilities for blockchain infrastructure.

We invite developers, stakers, and validators to explore the opportunities presented by the Ethos ecosystem. Visit our technical documentation or contact us here to start a conversation. We look forward to working with you!